Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm a little sad today. I decided awhile back to redecorate my kitchen. We are also doing a little remodeling.
My kitchen "theme" for around the past 15 years has been gingerbread men. Yes, gingerbread men. Aren't they cute little fellas? It has been an exciting challenge to find non "Chrismasy" ones to display year-round. My best find was wallpaper border. My recipe cards even have gingerbread men. I add the Christmas ones during the season.
Today is the day I am taking them all down... from the walls, the shelves, the counters. I'm packing away all the ones I think I'll use next Christmas. The rest are being thrown away or put on eBay. It's ironic that some I treasured finding (non Christmasy) are the very ones I'm getting rid of.
My new decor is going to be sort of Tuscan... French chefs and a coffee cafe mix. I guess I'm doomed forever with a kitchen challenge. My new one is finding French chefs that don't pull in a wine theme, as they so often seem to do.
As for remodeling, hubby spent the last weekend putting a new counter top, sink, and faucet set. He's still working on a back splash as well as the smaller counter top.
I'm going to Google, looking for a cute little man to add to the top of this post. Perhaps that will bring a smile as I finish packing them away.


Blogger Barb said...

How fun to completely change your kitchen, Doris. Sometimes I think of the things I used to have in my kitchen, back in my "country blue" period. I think that's why my whole decorating theme went from themed to non-themed. I simply go for clean and sleek and non-cluttered now. I'm such a kitchen gadget person, the non-cluttered idea is a challenge.

Sounds like your hubby has been doing some serious work in there, too. You're going to have a whole new look!

Blogger amber said...

I want to see pictures when you are done! I love the Tuscan theme for a kitchen. And the gingerbread men are too cute!!

Blogger Mommy Dearest said...

The new kitchen look sounds very exciting! I think you'll love it. You have to post pictures!

Blogger IRENE said...

Oh, I understand how you feel...However, we do have to let go once in a while. I think your new theme is going to be warm and welcoming and as sophisticated and fun as you want it to be. Have fun creating your hub!

Blogger Randi said...

Once you are done with your kitchen, you will love the newness of it. And just think, you can bake gingerbread men anytime you want in the lovely new decor!

Blogger Susanne said...

A Tuscan kitchen sounds wonderful! I've always wanted to go with a cafe kind of theme but just can't seem to pull it together. I have seen those little chefs with pasta related themes but that is more Italian than French chefs isn't it?

You'll have to post pics when you're all done.

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