Thursday, November 30, 2006
24 Days of Christmas

I'm not trying to make myself busier by planning something for every day of December. I'm just trying to make sure I enjoy my favorite season more than I have the past couple years.

December 1: Attend Party
December 2: Christmas Parade
December 3: Walk Through Bethlehem
December 4: Address Christmas Cards
December 5: Watch a Christmas Movie
December 6: Eat by Candlelight
December 7: Nick at Night Christmas Marathon
December 8: Make Gingerbread House
December 9: Office Party
December 10: Potluck at Church
December 11: Bake Christmas Cookies
December 12: Wrapping Blitz
December 13: Mail Christmas Cards
December 14: Christmas Lights Drive
December 15: Read the Story of Jesus’ Birth
December 16: Visit Malls to View Christmas Decorations
December 17: Gary's Birthday
December 18: Invite a Friend for Lunch
December 19: Bake for Neighbors
December 20: Watch Polar Express
December 21: Sleep Under the Christmas Tree
December 22: Deliver Gifts to Neighbors
December 23: Family Party
December 24: Christmas Eve!


Blogger Mommy Dearest said...

I'm impressed with your planning! My kids think they're on the ball because they have the nightly Christmas TV schedule for ABC Family. I have only bought one present so far!

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