Thursday, December 07, 2006
Excitement's in the Air
I am so excited about tonight. There's only one show I watch regularly on TV and the only one hubby and I both like...Survivor! Every Thursday is date night. We usually have dinner at home but sometimes go out, albeit to the wrong restaurant. Tonight we're dining in.

The only other time I watch TV is when I go to bed. I watch either Nickolodeon or TVLand. Tonight is Nick at Night's Holiday Marathon. I won't go to sleep until at least midnight when tonight's second episode of Roseanne (I know, gasp!) goes over.

I'm going to be sooo tired when the alarm goes off at 5:10 tomorrow morning but this night comes just twice a year. I'm excited.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

YEAH! Another Survivor fan! I Tivoed it (actually it is DVR, but it sounds so much cooler to say Tivo) because Abby and I were out Christmas shopping. I'm glad they voted off Jonathon! I want Ozzy or Yule to win...they both deserve it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just dropping by to say howdy! Hope you're enjoying the holiday season :)

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