Friday, December 01, 2006
The Stocking are Hung by the Chimney Table with Care
For the past few years, I have hung a small stocking on Courtney and Austins chair at our kitchen table. Because everyone in our house DOES have their own "place" at our table. My friend Cherie really thinks that's funny, as they do not have a particular place in which to sit at theirs. I thought we were normal, well at least in this regard. Everyone here sure knows not to sit in Mama's chair.

Anyway, each morning in December they awaken to a gift in their small stocking. It's just one way we count down to Christmas. I'll try to remember to post pictures of our different countdowns in a couple weeks when you all will be invited into my home via Boo Mamas Christmas Tour of Homes.

Austin is away at college this year, so I will only be filling one stocking for the first two weeks. Courtney will awaken to hers in a short while...


Blogger Mommy Dearest said...

That's a wonderful idea, but my goodness I would need 200 presents (if Jacob were home) for those chair stockings!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We also have assigned seating at the table. In fact, Abby thinks it is super special when she gets to sit in Daddy's chair at lunch time every once in a while. I love the idea of hanging the stocking from theis chairs. And a present a day in December...very cool. I may have to steal that one from you.

Blogger kel said...

That is a good idea. We have assigned seats throws off everything if someone sits in the wrong place!

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