Monday, May 14, 2007
Catching Up, of sorts
At the end of March, Austin was home for the weekend. He caught a stomach virus hubby and I had just gotten over. The second day we could see that Austin was not getting over it as we did. We ended up in the emergency room and he was in in a Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) state and diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He was in ICU for five days and a total hospital stay of eight days.
I can't tell you how far behind I got in EVERYTHING by being away from home for eight days. I still have not caught up. I do realize organized people would be caught up by now.
Austin has an excellent attitude toward his diabetes ("These things happen.") and is doing very well with his insulin shots, etc. I had to immediately get over my fear of needles. I often kid that I am allergic to them. But since this is now our lifestyle, I decided I would no longer fear them and God has blessed me in this.
Austin was able to return to school after two weeks, and worked hard to get caught up with his studies. He finished his first year of college with a B average which allows him to maintain his scholastic scholarships. We are so proud of him!


Blogger Susanne said...

Oh my word, Doris. That is a scary thing. But what a great attitude your young man has! And good for him for working hard and maintaining his grades. That is a real accomplishment.

Hope you get all caught up and can relax.

Blogger Mommy Dearest said...

I'm glad Barb lured you back. I've been checking on you and hoping things were okay with Austin.

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