Wednesday, February 27, 2008
WFMW: NaughtyCodes

I love using NaughtyCodes. I most often use it while shopping online. Just yesterday I was ordering invites through and was able to find a naughty code for my order. This is how it works with online ordering: There is usually a box for one to input a coupon code. I simply pull up, click the pull down box and look for the company name from whom I am ordering. If there is a code available, it will show. Sometimes (like yesterday) there is a discount available, but no code is needed. When I clicked VistaPrint, there was an offer available for 50% off for previous customers. Just like that, I saw my totals change! I saved $7.30 off my total order. NaughtyCodes works for me!
To get other great tips, visit Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer. Happy Wednesday y'all!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008
a thank you to some bloggers....
As many of you know I am not very 'puter savvy. (Dawn and Barb have helped me so much.) I just want to thank the ones of you on my bloglines list that use the Google/Blogger thingy for sign-in for comments. You see, I can remember my email address :-) and my password, but when you ask for my blog web address... Hello! LOL Yes, I may be 'puter lazy but I have to pull up my blog every time, copy/paste the web address, etc. Sigh. Maybe someone will give me a pointer on the URL thing.