Wednesday, February 27, 2008
WFMW: NaughtyCodes

I love using NaughtyCodes. I most often use it while shopping online. Just yesterday I was ordering invites through and was able to find a naughty code for my order. This is how it works with online ordering: There is usually a box for one to input a coupon code. I simply pull up, click the pull down box and look for the company name from whom I am ordering. If there is a code available, it will show. Sometimes (like yesterday) there is a discount available, but no code is needed. When I clicked VistaPrint, there was an offer available for 50% off for previous customers. Just like that, I saw my totals change! I saved $7.30 off my total order. NaughtyCodes works for me!
To get other great tips, visit Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer. Happy Wednesday y'all!


Blogger Rebecca said...

I'm going to try this!

Blogger Trina said...

Wow! I have never heard of that. I will certainly check it out.

Blogger Dawn said...

I just bookmarked it! I always try to google search for codes, but maybe this will be more reliable.

Blogger justabeachkat said...

I've learned something new today. Thanks!


Blogger Nothinglikeit said...

I've been all over the web looking for deals and I have never seen Naughtycodes! I'm adding it to my faves right now! Isn't VistaPrint the best! You have to put up with a lot of promo emails but their stuff is great quality and CHEAP!
Sent you some email about the coasters -

Blogger Lorie said...

Oh! I have never heard of this site before!! Thanks for the info!

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