Tuesday, December 25, 2007
A most relaxing Christmas
Boy, did I need this!

I awoke at 8:oo, not sure what time the Disney parade was set to air. I started the coffee pot and lit all the candles downstairs. It was definitely too early for a parade, especially in California, so I watched a Christmas episode of All in the Family. I am thankful for TV Land! Afterward I watched Live's last years version of Friday's show, which was wonderful. At 10, hubby came downstairs and we watched the parade. Such a peaceful, fun morning but so unlike our usual Christmas mornings.

Finally, around noon our two kids (young adults) awoke and we began our family Christmas. I popped the breakfast casserole I had put together yesterday morning into the oven to bake as we had our gift exchange. As always, we opened our gifts one at a time, exclaiming over the wonderful gifts and laughing at the lighter ones. After all gifts, stockings, and pets stockings were opened, we sat down to our Christmas BREAKFAST around 1:30.

Afterward, I began reading a new book Swan House, I received from one of my sisters. Hubby and I took a short nap. Austin has been watching new videos he received, Courtney has gone to a movie with a friend, Gary has gone to pick up his dad for a visit. I am sipping a Mimosa while listening to Christmas music and catching up with some of you.

Yes, I needed this calm. I hope all of you are having a fun, blessed Christmas.


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Merry Christmas, my friend.

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