Friday, October 27, 2006

The four words I would love to hear right now..."Mom, I'm coming home". The words were actually something like "You get to chill with your son tomorrow afternoon." They work as well. :)

Austin is in his first year of college. He and I are very close and it was really hard on me when he left yet I am so excited for him. The school is only an hour away, so it's really a good situation.

Anyway, when he returned to school after fall break a couple weeks ago, I didn't think we'd see him again until Thanksgiving. Last night while we were chatting on AIM (thank goodness for Instant Messengers) he slipped in that little bit of info. He will be leaving after class today and I pray he has a safe drive.

This Mama has some peanut butter cookies to bake...


Blogger Mommy Dearest said...

I'm so happy for you! It was really difficult when Jacob left for school last year. I can't believe he's lived away from home for 14 months now.

Blogger Barb said...

Oh good for you, Doris! I know how awful it is when they're away in college, even if it's just an hour away. When my girls were in college, I started missing them before they were all the way down the street. I'm glad you're getting this unexpected visit.

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