Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Making a List(s) and Checking it Twice

I love love LOVE the Christmas season. I however haven't enjoyed it much the past two years. The main reason is I started working outside the home three years ago and though only part time, it has turned my schedules upside down. The other reason is...time flies! I mean really it seems as if we had Christmas just four months ago. I'm sure some of this has to do with the aging :::gasp::: process of life.

I am determined to enjoy Christmas this year. I am once again doing the Christmas Countdown at OCC. I'm still tweaking my list of things that I will simplify this year, such as sending store bought cards instead of rubber stamping my own. I am a little sad about this, but in the long run I will be happy with my decision.

I spent yesterday starting to prepare my kitchen for the season. The fridge is cleaned out... expired condiments Gone With the Trash. Everything is organized and shelves were removed, washed and placed back minus the leftovers some of which were older than, well let's not go there. Then I attacked the pantry. Expired items...Gone! Bags of rice and such with just a smidgen left...Gone! Things that I had purchased and didn't use (canned green bean casserole ???) went into a box in which I will later add items I buy for food drives.

Today I must tackle a job I have been putting off. I need to take pictures of items I plan to sell on eBay to take advantage of the holiday traffic. I don't mind the photographing but what a hassle getting everything together. Tis the season!


Blogger Mommy Dearest said...

Wow - you've really got it together! I can't seem to even get the store-bought cards sent. Can you come organize my kitchen? I actually posted four things on ebay a couple of nights ago. It is a pain, but hopefully worth it.

Blogger Gail said...

Were we the ONLY 2 people in the world who thought green bean casserole in a can would be a good thing???

I love the holidays and am in awe of people like you who plan ahead to enjoy the season ... for me ... well, nothing says Christmas like fighting for bargains on the day after Thanksgiving. Really. I love contact sports!

Blogger Susanne said...

Good for you for starting already! I need to start making lists. It's the only thing that keeps me together. :v)

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